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charles-gave-6 Charles Gave, President:

Charles Gave is an economist and financial analyst. He got public attention after he published his first essay in 2001 in which he denounced the Euro. His last book about state bankruptcy forecasted in 2009 the fall of Greece and Spain. He is the founder of Gavekal Securities and a member of the board of SCOR.


Jean-Jacques Netter, Vice-president

Jean-Jacques Netter is an investment banker. He has been the Executive Director of Sherson Lehman Brothers in London and founded in 1996 Concerto et Associés and SelectBourse, two successful companies related to financial markets.



Vincent-photo2 Vincent Strauss, treasurer:

Vincent Strauss is a graduate of HEC Lausanne and holds a Master of Advanced Studies in economics. An expert of Asian financial markets, he is the Chairman of Comgest, one of the largest independent asset management company in France.


JeanClaudeGruffat150 Jean-Claude Gruffat, Founding member:Jean-Claude Gruffat is in charge of global relationships at Citigroup. He was between 2008 and 2011 the president of the American Chamber of commerce in France. He hold a Ph.D in public law, a master in political sciences and is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program.jeanclaude.gruffat@institutdeslibertes.org
930635-57e-gerard-buffiere-imerys-1-6-million-en-2010 Gérard Buffière, Founding member:After an international career at United Technologies and Schlumberger, Gérard Buffière spent fourteen years as the CEO of Imerys, the world leader in industrial minerals. He founds in 2011 GyB-Industries, an investment company. He is a graduate of École Polytechnique and Stanford University.gbuffiere@institutdeslibertes.org
photo Antoine d’Espous, Founding member:Antoine d’Espous is a successful entrepreneur who founded in 1990 CA Com, a communication group who is now one of the leader on the retail market, and in 1992 the group Loste – Larnaudie. He is also the vice-president of Ethic, a non- profit organization that promotes ethical values in the business world.a.despous@institutdeslibertes.org
Emmanuelle Gave-323 Emmanuelle Gave, Executive Director:After having graduated in Law at the University of Paris II and private Law (LL.M) at Duke University, Emmanuelle became a lawyer in Paris where she still works and lives. She is the mother of two children.egave@institutdeslibertes.org

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