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« Keeping our ideals alive takes work. As such classical liberalism is today misunderstood and undeservingly used as a scapegoat for by all political parties. The time has come  to change this situation gathering our wills and skills around fundamental ideas that will allow us to advocate assumed liberal solutions. »

The Institut des Libertés is a free minded Think Tank dedicated to designing and promoting public policies based on individual responsibility and free markets. Its vocation is to address all issues of general interest, whether they be economic, institutional or social.

Acknowledging the failure of the Welfare State model in most European countries, the Institut des Libertés intends to participate in the definition of alternative policies based on individual autonomy and cooperative networks.

There is a new generation of open-minded, entrepreneurial French people who have been exposed to richness of the world of thoughts and are currently poorly represented in the French political arena. The Institut des Libertés will provide a platform where these people, who share the same ideals of a freer, more dynamic and tolerant society, can meet and share views.

Our Goals & Values

Our ambition is to restore and promote liberalism for its core values that concern not only economic issues but all the aspects of human life like politics, art and society.

We welcome all people who feel their freedom of speech is limited or ignored in the mainstream media. We wish to enhance these people and give them the opportunity to express their ideas.

Committed to our the values of liberalism, we highly esteem independence, respect and initiative.

 Our Strategy

We aim to work hand in hand with intellectuals, policy-makers and students willing to discover, apply and defend liberalism. In order to do so we develop our platform and publish studies, write articles, organize conferences and support any initiative that may advocate liberty.


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